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Going a little lower, AJ finally reached her destination. Black ink girls nude. Renee got comfortable as AJ startled to crawl on top of her and straddled her lap. I worked really hard on it and I hope you enjoy! In fact, there is so much chemistry that the WWE has reportedly been encouraging the seeming sexual tension between the two wrestlers.

There's no obvious sexual tension in any way, shape or form, both of them actual give the impression that they don't actually care for it, but at the same time trying to give the "I'm better at mind games than you" vibe, and I feel it should be kept there without going stupid. Is aj lee a lesbian. They both touched each other much as they could and they were both turned on to the extreme already.

She had a feeling she knew what it was but wasn't too sure. She continued her way down her body, hearing Renee moan. They literally tore each others cloths off and by the time they reached the bed, they were already naked. At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. Better still he has just blocked the new WWE game from using his Imagine since he is not stupid and owns his own likeness and character, shame the whole game is about C.

But I don't think it is. Hot lesbian model sex. While the idea of 'one-upsmanship' in this style for mind games makes sense, when you think about the destination of this as well as where they can go, there's only one way this can end A lot of PG stuff is done for a Mattel partnership? The writers don't seem to give two shits about this feud so they'll probably try to make it as simple and basic as possible.

She pulled her lips away from AJ's pussy momentarily. She took one of AJ's breast in her hand and gave it a squeeze while she licked and bit on her neck.

The lack of knowledge held AJ back from doing just that. It was the best smile she had ever seen on a female. I've just noticed some ahem lesbian-esque vibes coming from the two and I' wouldn't be surprised if that was the route they're going for.

AJ applied the vibrator with force to Eva's dripping wet pussy. We all know that WWE creative's logic is retarded sometimes, so maybe they feel if fans think AJ and Paige have something going on, the fans will stop chanting for Punk every time AJ comes out.

Like Paige did her. You have to return the favor. With no hesitation, Eva threw AJ down and got on top of her. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see this angle continue for a while longer. AJ slid her fingers out of Renee's pussy and began to lick the sweet juice of Renee's pussy. AJ leaned on the bed and grabbed Eva's red hair.

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The orgasm had worn her out just like it did to Renee. Only lesbian porn movies. Trying to psyche the other person out.

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She then leaned in and pressed her lips on Eva's. Is aj lee a lesbian. As the interview went along, AJ did something that sent a shiver through Renee's body. The spectacular feud between Paige and AJ Lee has been fueled by good writing, great wrestling though never long enough and a unique chemistry between the two Divas. Renee obeyed and took one of AJ's nipples in between her thumb and index finger. A lot of PG stuff is done for a Mattel partnership? M Punk who seriously could have just hung around until the end of his contract and made a few million but was so sick of WWE's bullshit he walked instead.

The orgasms really tired them out and they both would fall asleep quickly. They both moaned in unison when AJ poked her tongue out and Renee immediately opened up for her. I could see Paige being lesbian since Sounds like we should expect the return of Russo. There are like 2 more rivalries besides those, and they are either 3 minute matches or on superstars.

If AJ knew whether Renee was at least interested in women, she would have told her how she felt a long time ago. Sarah schneider naked. How much do you think Ronda Rousey paid for the front row seats at Extreme Rules? Posts must be about wrestling "All link posts must be directly related to wrestling. She began to lick on Renee's pussy and that sent her crazy. AJ loses, and then Rikishi comes out and stinkfaces Paige. You like me finger fucking you? She handed it to Renee and made sure their fingers brushed against each other.

They both touched each other much as they could and they were both turned on to the extreme already. And she gave Paige a hug. The two divas got cleaned up and went right to bed not saying a word. Nude beach socal. July Date Event Fed. It was hard to see Renee everyday and not be able to tell her how she felt. Pulling Eva's jeans off and the same pink thong she saw earlier, AJ turned on the vibrator and inserted it deep into Eva's fuckable shaved pussy.

AJ trailed kissed down Renee's neck while still rubbing her clit. AJ clenched the bed sheets as Eva slid her fingers in and out of AJ making her squirt all over the floor.

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