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The hot jets of cum flooding her was a relief to him, and a trigger for her as she very nearly whined in pleasure and trembled jerkily with every spasm of her folds.

There was a note of pride in the fact that he could sometimes fuck even this bunny silly. Naked ariana grande having sex. One of hopeless need that had her ass clenching and a whimper escaping her throat when he nudges his hips forward to slide the length of his cock between those round cheeks a few times. Tumblr cartoon naked. It was the perfect storm of need, love, passion and basic animal lust. She released a sharp cry of surprise when his grip on her hips tightened and he rolled her onto the bed.

She encouraged him, her eyes all but blazing with need as she gave strained against the weight of his thrusts to give little humps of her hips to meet him. He angled his muzzle down so his nose could rest between her ears. Fingertips that caused the scent of her lust to saturate his next breath and tease his taste buds as he licked the delicious flavor from her fur with a swipe of his tongue.

The musk of desire, feminine lust, exertion. Her voice finally came out in more than a whimper as she reached the peak of her pleasure. Maybe because she had never been given time to enter the afterglow period after her orgasm, her cry was one of delighted surprise and almost painful pleasure. He set the carton on the counter, leaning over to place a softly lingering kiss on her lips. Nude pussy sex. Legs that she carefully wrapped around his hips as he continued to throb inside of her.

But she only moved her arms, reaching forward with both paws stretched over her head to grip the opposite edge of the table, bracing herself. She was limp in his lap as he wrapped her up and held her close, causing a breathless chuckle to escape him.

The weight of him mounting her forcing her to press her chest into the still cool sheets, to turn her face to the side so quickening breaths could soak in the masculine musk of him. Preview from my anal Fuk Machine show today! Plans that had changed the moment she had seen him leaning against the wall outside of the apartment with fire in his eyes that she now understood was lust. Unwrapped Support us on Patreon! Slow and easy morning sex became raw and impassioned fucking as he took her.

You Are The Cutest. I want to thank ellowas and metssfm for providing the semi-nude D. That taste, which he eagerly lapped at with quick strokes of his tongue, was what finally started to drag his mind into wakefulness that his body had already started to enjoy. Just a raw and primal shrieking cry that had him throbbing thickly inside of her, resisting the urge to swell and finish what he had only moments ago realized what was happening.

Tumblr cartoon naked

A musk that thickened in the air around her, mingling with her own feminine scent as she felt the tip of crimson arousal nestle against the wet mouth of her sex. So hard that she almost managed to shove his mass away when her legs tried to buck up against him. As expected, as he now wanted, she rose with an arch to her back as he felt her trembling form begin to shake.

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Catching up, hopefully, in the near future. She said nothing, only breathed in deeply before whimpering a little when he drew back so that the tapered tip grazed the already need slickened folds of her sex.

Gorging on some chips, Hana offered some Dew that tasted a little bit funny, and it all went a little fuzzy from there. Lesbian orgasm mobile. Tumblr cartoon naked. For all of his fun-loving nature, all of his jokes and sarcasm and lighthearted banter, Nick was a predator between the sheets. The mind of the sleeping fox was slowly, gently, and pleasantly draw into the waking world by a slick heat wrapped snuggly around the length of his arousal; arousal that he was only aware of at first because of the increasing ache of need, the growing throb of pleasure as that heat moved up.

The muffled beat of furred hips against furred hips, breathy whimpers of pleasure, and low growls that rolled through his chest were the first real sounds to reach his waking mind.

He felt her shiver and tighten, his breath huffing into the back of her neck as the urgency grew quickly into a need to pump her full of his seed. He set the carton on the counter, leaning over to place a softly lingering kiss on her lips.

Throbbing and hot and so intense that she almost came just from that single thrust that only ended when his hips smacked into hers. Next, he became aware of the scent. Aftershocks that came and went with the more productive spurts he gave her, surrounding him in the sensation of constantly being sucked into the perfectly tight little female under him.

A musk that thickened in the air around her, mingling with her own feminine scent as she felt the tip of crimson arousal nestle against the wet mouth of her sex.

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It was enough to make his stomach growl a bit when he turned into the kitchen, only to have the image of her strike him as far more appetizing. He almost wanted to give her a little time to admire the view, which she clearly was when her tongue ran over her lips once slowly.

Not that she cared when she felt the pulsing arousal of her lover swell inside of her, thickening until she felt that tiny moment of panic she always did. Tits all day. He could feel the snug fit all the way up to his sheath, savored the way she squeezed and rippled around him every time his slowly swelling knot slipped past the lips of her pussy.

Her rippling folds begging him to move, to let his knot fill her as she continued to roll her hips. She came hard, harder than last time. The dark gave way to soft gray, white, and soft blue light, only to have his vision blur for just a moment when he felt the slow roll and squeeze of his mate around his cock. The chill of the morning air on his now wet cock was not welcomed and he stirred, rolling his head against the pillow with a mild grunt of annoyance that quickly turned into a growl of pleasure when the warmth returned.

He was fairly sure his eyes rolled up as a throaty growl escaped him, followed by a yip and a shout of her name when he throbbed. When she could think again, able to feel something more than pleasure and fullness as he joined her climax and pumped her full of his own release, her eyes drifted lazily to his paw as it moved to cover her own. The fox savored the way her scent spiked sharply when he shoved her chest first into the table without a word, his jeans kicked aside as he brought himself up behind her prone form.

And she was his happily captured prey. Preview from my anal Fuk Machine show today! Her ears dropped behind her, that adorably beautiful face scrunching in strained pleasure that almost looked painful as her fingers gripped the fur of his belly. Naked pics o. Sweetly familiar, wanted, savored as he drew in a deep breath of the musk of it mingled with his own smell.

There were points in the night when both of you made eye contact and suddenly broke off in embarrassment, boy that sure was something. It was the perfect storm of need, love, passion and basic animal lust. She could already feel the burning tingle of pleasure pooling between her legs and the thickening at the base of his length, signaling to them both that there was no point in holding back.

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