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And, it didn't work.

There is a level of propriety that filmmakers today have forgotten. I love to sleep naked. Movie is a visual media, not a radio play. 21 grams nude scene. Fact is, it was a low budget movie, and seeing a beautiful set of nipples and a fleeting glimpse of pubes remember, I'm a perv who takes full advantage of the DVD remote will sell more tickets. When i say sex, i mean really hot steamy all bits showing lasting 5 minutes on the screen type of sex. They don't really have intercourse, if that's what you're asking.

The CGS supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote digital artists worldwide. The one hot scene runs from 1: We are usually atracted to people which are healthy and would be a good partner, either as part of the pack or a mate.

If there are films about love, about thoughts, about human questions, why not sex? And if it has a bering on the story it's most likely a film I do not wish to see. The condom question is interesting, men usually wear fitted and skin toned applications that will cover them up tightly, and women will too, to prevent any accidents. I agree with X96 if your going to show sex in a film it should be rated nc 17 No children under 17 Reguardless if a parent is there or not.

Also, as a side note Sex, just like any action in a movie, should help define a point to the audience. We have already had that talk. Hottest celebrity milfs. No breasts I think There Cheers, Mike - who'd rather have a civilized discussion. I still think there is a big difference between pornography and a "graphic" sex act especially as seen on major motion pictures.

Indyana jones is a great example of this because when you were a kid you idolized him as a hero as a teenager it was the carisma and action. Now rip it apart ; Cheers, Mike P.

So, when we watch a movie with nudity, how do we judge where the line goes? I wouldn't consider it a low blow thoug. Or, are people still uptight with the attitudes of watching something as healthy and natural as feces being ejected from someone's rectum? Find 21 Grams on IMdb. And you do seem to draw a a line between nudity and sex and b don't seem to give movies the same credit for being an art form as a painting or statue in a museum.

In one scene, a nymph from the town starts to seduce a young priest. Maybe the characters do do it out of love for eachother, why is that something to hide?: Small-breasted Naomi Watts doesn't have much going on, but there are several well-lit scenes where she shows her little boobies.

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Ban everything that makes us think and we're safe ; Cheers, Mike - who wonders what contortions you go through if you take a shower - lol, scnr, just kidding'.

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I find it incredibly silly to sensor movies for 'broadcast'. Lesbian ass humping videos. He never shows us the buildings, the planes, the fire or the smoke, but we KNOW what they're looking at. A movie that is so PC that is doesn't include anything that might be offensive to any culture, and then see what is left of it. Good for you if viewing that kindof stuff works for you that's ok.

What are youa boy scout?! No offense taken on my side Even though I'm an atheist Sometimes i get the feeling the actors are actually doing it. The same goes for sex, which in a "mainstream" movie may be used to depict the emotional state of a couple an alternative might be a Woody Allen style narrative, but then you might just as well read a book ;whereas porn concentrates on arousing the viewer.

Often the audience wants to imagine some things for themselves, but often they'd like to see it all. Opens with a shot of Naomi Watts topless. I just have no idea of what should be bad about seeing a nude human body, anywhere.

They don't really have intercourse, if that's what you're asking. 21 grams nude scene. A Danish moviemaker of the Dogma style once critizised Titanic by saying "if it is really necessary to show the ship sinking, the story can't be very good! And if that's what the artist wants, then that's what he or she needs to do. This shot continues for 20 seconds, and repeats at 1: When actors have hot steamy sex in the movies, do they were condoms? Granted, sometimes it is more efficient to "hint" than to "show". 50 milf pics. And intimate and sexual relations are to be only between them: This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months.

Either that, or be pure pop-corn fun: Cheers, Mike It's to pushing of a product or an ideal by using sex and genneraly the female body as a mode of enticement that I am agenst not the human body itself. The camera focuses with some care on Watts's chest; I must admit that, as a gay man, I was a bit surprised by the way the whole nipple thing worked. I may add that over here we might have violence cut 1.

Incidentally, most of the successful photographers for Playboy are happily-married, heterosexual women Or, are people still uptight with the attitudes of watching something as healthy and natural as feces being ejected from someone's rectum? One of the worst movies I have ever seen, not because of the graphicness of the violence, but because of the TONE. She doesn't look all that great, but her boobies are perky and reasonably pretty if you like 'em on the small side.

Well, the message you're implying is that nudity is something only for adults, which makes it even more interesting for the youngsters not that I'd mind, but counterproductive to what you have in mind.

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Lesbian porn stories with pictures In 80'es action movies it was much more common for bad guys to whack innocent civilians than in the 90'es and later. Great huge erect nipples.
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