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It made me think of early 90s shows in its ridiculousness and never really seemed like it was taking itself that seriously.

The action in both of these series contains a lot of hand to hand fighting and martial arts. Lesbian seduction tube8. Nov 15, But never, ever their panties. The differerences i found between both were surprising.

Games, nothing better than wake up sex nag lan offers esports gaming experience south africa entertainment fans come first. Ikki tousen nude scenes. The only real difference between the protagonists is that in Ikkitousen the protagonist is a girl and in Tenjou Tenge it is a guy. It's always seemed to me that Hakufu has never really appreciated Koukin's kindness toward her, but she does have one line that shows she does notice when she's getting less of it.

Things change when Kenichi meets Furinji Miu, whose grandfather runs a dojo; and not knowing what he's getting himself into, he signs up to become a disciple. Not only are the characters fighting their enemies, but also the creatures within. If you're looking for sexy female characters with amazing fighting skills, both Tenjho Tenge and Ikkitousen will please you.

The cast is no longer agonizing quite so much about whether to accept the fates of their spiritual ancestors; Hakufu and her allies have already shown that the chains of fate can be broken. And the old "Oh no I tripped and accidentally felt a boob" trick gets sooooo old sometimes. Ikkitousen and Queen's Blade are both about hot girls.

OVA 7 eps - Earth has been struck by a major catastrophe, causing most of the land to be covered by water. Naked sex video com. Both take place in high schools where marshal arts are the center of all things. Both are heavily sex based, and half-heartedly try to add action scenes that further display the shape and physics of female breasts and sexual organs.

Its leader is Moutoku Sousou. I can't much think of an example of fan service that I didnt like. Fox news get's a pass because they have to go against reality's liberal bias.

The military academy Genetics helps train the Pandora, who must choose a younger boy known as a Limiter to assist them in combat. I'm new to anime and want to know if I should watch the original Full Metal Alchemist or brotherhood?

If an anime has so much quality potential or is a serious anime, it can be very distracting and annoying to see my favorite protagonist or a character I like be sexualized and DOES take away from the anime when I see this. If you are a fan of well endowed females bouncing across the screen in some very compromising outfits whilst kicking some ass, you are bound to love both of these shows. More topics from this board Tenjho Tenge is about fighting within a single school and Ikkitousen is about fighting between multiple schools.

After the climactic battle of the previous season, the fighters of Nanyo and Seito High Schools would like to enjoy some peaceful time, but someone with a grudge wants to create chaos and discord within each school's own ranks as well as between the two schools. What is the name of this early s comic found at Hot Topic? High School fighting, fanservice, ridiculous back storys, good action, and fighters pure of spirit who only seek to get stronger and then kill each other.

Agent Aika's focus lays more on weirdness, lulz and a mind boggling pantyflash-per-minute rate, while Ikkitousen has some better fighting, but if you liked either of these titles, it's worth checking out the other. If u like fightingseries, you should watch these two. Mature lesbian party. Burlesque hot girls, gag dorm decor, stock market.

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Asgard Marvel vs Atlantis DC? A few other characters, like Kakouton and Kakuka, appeared, with Kakouton having a much different personality, while Ryofu's magatama was used to turn a fighter named Ritsu Buntatsu into a violent maniac.

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I'd say for the most part fanservice is usually okay so long as it's used in the appropriate situations. Ebony long tits. Events in this series have always been depicted in a spirit of grim seriousness, no matter how objectively absurd they were well, except for the VERY end of Season Two, and also excepting the little OVAs included with the series.

Shirahama "weak legs" Kenichi is a typical high school student with typical problems: Ikki Tousen by Yuji Shiozaki. Ikki Tousen Sex Scene. Heavy on the ecchi and action, both have a flimsy plot, but will definitely appeal to the same kind of perverted audience. If you enjoyed one, you should enjoy the other. They usually engage in unarmed combat a few have swords or lancesand when they meet, ferocious fights ensue in which clothes are customarily ripped off we know the reason for that too; same as the other one.

Quatre47Nov 14, I tend to ignore it or laugh at how ridiculous it is the sexual type. Marvel, listing all top tube sites. Amazon Prime Day Extreme amounts of big breasts and pantsu shots - and there's some fighting too! If you like one, check out the other. Ikki tousen nude scenes. Jungle pam tits. Retrieved from " https: AceOfSpadesDeathtrapNov 15, Matrix-tits aren't my bag. Agent Aika's focus lays more on weirdness, lulz and a mind boggling pantyflash-per-minute rate, while Ikkitousen has some better fighting, but if you liked either of these titles, it's worth checking out the other.

Nov 14, 2. Nov 14, 7. For the fans of Ikkitousen it might be hard to accept the somewhat weird character design. One show that had really annoying fanservice was Shakugan no Shanna. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I think Ikki is too much fan service and not enough substance.

Both Ikkitousen and Hyakka Ryouran have strong-willed girls who will do anything to protect their comrades. Interested in dating sites? Because these animes are so very much alike, you should watch them both if you enjoy this kind of anime.

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Guide to All the Best Deals. Nov 14, 5. Both Ikkitousen and Tenjho Tenge deliver in all of these categories. Jwoww big tits. Reasons you might like Najica Blitz Tactics Both are heavily sex based, and half-heartedly try to add action scenes that further display the shape and physics of female breasts and sexual organs. Even though they have different historical references, both have a modern take on those settings where the historical characters are high school students. Kayla synz naked Forgot your username or password?

Those words pretty much sum up Ikkitousen and they are a large element of Tenjou Tenge as well. Search titles only Posted by Member: During a routine assignment to find the rumored energy source Lagu, she finds herself face to face with a man called Hargan and his harem of scantily clad women named Delma! In both anime grils are very pretty with nice body ; I recomended Tenjho Tenege and Ikkitousen for fighting title fans who enjoy fan service or those looking for something other than DBZ or Naruto.

In the end, fanserivce done badly can drag down an already bad series, or it can stain a really good series.

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